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For small to medium-sized businesses, keeping track of payroll can be time-consuming, laborious, and a resource-draining activity. It is a strenuous activity for businesses to manage payroll for different levels of employees, submission of payroll tax filings, payroll schedules, payroll reporting, and more.

If this is a problem you resonate with, trust the experts at IRON to provide you with an end-to-end payroll solution for your business. Our tax, accounting, and payroll experts can design custom-tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring payroll management runs on auto-pilot, week after week, and month after month.

At Iron, our tax and payroll specialists work closely with you to define a solution that aligns with your business needs and operational machinery. One of our primary goals at Iron is to simplify your payroll processes for seamless continuity, helping reduce errors, maximize accuracy, and save time and money.

At Iron, we can help you with –

  • Check Processing
  • Check Printing
  • Pay Cards
  • Direct Deposits
  • Forms Processing 
  • Tax Compliance
  • Payroll Tax Reporting ( W-2, W-3 & 1099 Forms)
  • Problem Resolution
  • Payroll Tax Filings
  • IRS & State Tax Reporting
  • Employees’ Compensation Audits
  • Monthly/Quarterly Accounting Summaries
  • Custom Payroll Reports
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Payroll Returns Processing

When you hire Iron, you free yourself from constant worries about payroll management, especially around the end of the month, and make sufficient time to focus on your core business.

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Why Let Iron Manage Your Payroll?

At Iron, we provide end-to-end payroll solutions to our clients, ensuring they get the freedom and flexibility to focus on their business without worrying about any aspects of payroll management. 

Few of the reasons why you should choose Iron’s payroll services are –


Payroll management is a time-consuming process that can drain your staff, impacting their ability to focus on other crucial tasks, which can be expensive for business. Moreover, your staff might not be well-versed in payroll, tax compliance, and related legal details.

And, when it comes to taxes, a minor mistake can cost heavily. When you hire Iron for payroll services, our payroll specialists develop a customized payroll solution that isn’t only efficient but also affordable.

We are honest, transparent, and straightforward, ensuring our clients never have to worry about any hidden charges or surprises. 

Save Time

When you hire Iron for payroll services, you don’t have to deal with maintaining, updating, scheduling, and customizing your payroll system because we will do it for you. 

You can bid farewell to extensive data entry, researching new payroll-related guidelines, updates and laws, and other payroll-related worries. Hiring Iron frees up a generous amount of your and your staff’s time, helping boost the business’s productivity.

Worry & Error Free Payroll Tax Filing

When tax and payroll specialists at Iron file your payroll taxes, you don’t need to worry about any risks or errors.

Even the State, Federal, and Local Payroll Tax laws and regulations are constantly changing, so keeping up with that can be ridiculously frustrating and time-consuming. 

Leave payroll management to Iron’s team of professional payroll specialists, and experience worry-free payroll tax filing!

Comprehensive Reports

At Iron, we provide a wide range of payroll reports, including worker’s compensation reports, union reports, tax reports, certified payroll, and more. 

Custom Payroll Processing Options

When it comes to payroll service, there can’t be a one-size-fits-all plan that meets the requirements of all businesses. And at Iron, we understand that well, which is why we offer various custom payroll processing options.

We work with you to understand your requirements, helping us develop a payroll processing system that precisely meets all your requirements. 

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Choose Iron – Forget All Worries about Payroll Processing & Management

At Iron, we are committed to offloading your payroll processing and management worries without burning a hole in your pocket.

Our tax and payroll specialists are updated with the latest laws, use the latest tax software, and are highly experienced, ensuring you get the value-for-money services you came for.

At Iron, we don’t just go the extra mile but all the way to ensure complete customer satisfaction. And it has helped us become one of the region’s leading tax, business, and accounting services providers.

Trust us with your payroll processing requirements, and you’ll be glad you did!

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